GM Eugene PerelshteynThe Grand Prix Attack is one of the most popular sidelines for white against the Sicilian Defense, sidestepping the main lines in favor of a more narrowly targeted battle in the opening. The Grand Prix Attack Bb5 systems are highly regarded by many leading Grandmasters as the positional ideas behind his early bishop maneuver are fundamentally very solid – white plays to exchange his light-squared bishop early in the game, and then strives to place his pawns on light-squares in the center (typically d3, e4, and later f5). This positional basis for the entire Bb5 System in the Grand Prix Attack makes this chess opening ideal for beginner and intermediate players, as you are going to be well set up for practically any endgame if you are unable to break through with a crushing kingside attack in the middlegame! In the below chess video excerpt from the chess DVD ¨Winning with the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System¨, Grandmaster Eugene Perelshteyn introduces the basic strategies that are going to make you successful with the white pieces in the Grand Prix Attack Bb5 System.

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