Refuting the Greco Gambit by GM Mikhalevski

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GM Victor Mikhalevski

The Greco Gambit resembles a delayed King’s Gambit in that white opens with 1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. f4!? in an attempt to catch black off guard and take him out of normal preparation as this line is definitely not very popular or well-known. However, the Greco Gambit is extremely aggressive and leads by nature to very complicated positions early in the opening. While black can certainly navigate his way through the danger of this hyper-aggressive gambit, watching Continue reading

50 Years of Tal-Botvinnik – GM Jesse Kraai

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This DVD YouTube promotion is of 50 Years of Tal-Botvinnik by GM Jesse Kraai (ChessLecture). We see  game 7 of The Botvinnik – Tal Match, featuring The Caro Kann Main Line. Jesse is keen to show the merits of a pre-endgame and a ‘material exchange of ‘Rook and Pawn’ for ‘Bishop & Knight’ in the endgame and the many important considerations of this type of endgame. The 4 DVDs that make up 50 Years of Tal-Botvinnik can be digested by Continue reading

An Answer to the Scandinavian Defense – GM Bryan Smith

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Tired of being stung by the Scandinavian? Let – GM Bryan Smith of ChessLecture show you the way. The Game features the opening.  2…Nf6 Scandinavian main line. He starts with Whites best move  3.d4 allowing the response 3…Bg4 known as the ‘Portuguese Variation’, he then goes on to analyze 4…Bf5 taken from Topalov Kamsky 2006 – Bryan explains how Topalov gains an easy space advantage then clearly demonstrates White’s ‘simple plan to cause Black problems simply by having more space’ albeit Continue reading

Immortal Game – INSANE King’s Gambit with GM Mikhalevski

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In the below chess video excerpt from the Empire Chess DVD ¨How Grandmasters Beat the King’s Gambit¨, GM Victor Mikhalevski reviews the Immortal Game Anderssen vs Kieseritzky that is a stunning example of what can happen if you are not well-prepared to face the mass complications that arise very early in the game with the King’s Gambit. This chess opening is extremely sharp and if black is going to play 1. e4 e5 then a thorough understanding of how to Continue reading

Super-GM Morozevich Crushes the Caro-Kann – Presented by GM Damian Lemos

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Super-GM Alexander Morozevich

Alexander Morozevich achieved elite status as a Super-GM very early in his career when he was only a teenager! Morozevich is well-known for the extremely creative and insanely aggressive style that has made him one of the most dangerous chess players since the 1990s. For over two decades Morozevich has scored inspired victories against the world’s top players, often with the help of sideline systems that he has prepared very deeply. In the following chess video excerpt from the Empire Continue reading

Double Rooks… Double Trouble! – Presented by FM Alisa Melekhina

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Alisa final round head shot

Doubled rooks on the second-rank create a synergistic effect that allows players to harness their power and control the course of the game. FM Alisa Melekhina builds on fundamental stacked rook techniques and draws on three of her own tournament games against 2300+ opposition to demonstrate how to leverage potential mating nets and second-rank sweeps. The viewer will come away with a recognition of critical points in the middlegame transition phase when he or she may be faced with a Continue reading

Crushing the Scandinavian Defense! with GM Damian Lemos

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Peter Svidler

The Scandinavian Defense with 1. e4 d5 is one of those openings that I have always thought to be slightly incorrect, although you still see elite Grandmasters like Alexey Dreev and Viswanathan Anand playing it as a surprise weapon from time to time. The reason I have never liked the Scandinavian Defense is very simple – I understand that black gets to immediately exchange white’s center pawn on e4 and activate the black queen, however it seems to be a Continue reading