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Owens Opening (e4 b6) – Guest Lecture with GM Igor Smirnov

Grandmaster Igor Smirnov

Guest Lecture By Grandmaster Igor Smirnov

Extend your knowledge by reviewing 1.b3 for White: And take your overall chess performance to a whole new level with the completely FREE course “Quick Success In Chess

1. e4 b6 – Owens Opening

Owens OpeningIn this video, we’ll analyze a very interesting and greatly underestimated opening for Black: 1.e4 b6 Here Black uses a hypermodern concept: let your opponent place his pawns in the center, and make them targets for your attack afterwards!

This opening is jam-packed with a lot of tricks and active possibilities for Black. Plus, this will surprise your opponent and drag him into unknown territory. Without a shred of doubt, 1…b6 is a menacing weapon (especially against amateur players and in quick games).

And as if that’s not enough, you can apply the same opening for White (by playing 1.b3). If playing 1…b6 is more than playable, certainly, it won’t hurt if you have an extra tempo as White! You can hit 2 spots with only 1 video. Check it out NOW!

Extend your knowledge by reviewing 1.b3 for White: And take your overall chess performance to a whole new level with the completely FREE course “Quick Success In Chess

Make sure to comment below and make sure to Thank Grandmaster Smirnov for the free 40 minute lecture.

Ready for Part 2 of Owen’s Opening? Than click here for another FREE 30 minute video!

  • Abdi

    Thank You sir, Very educative video

    • http://www.OnlineChessLessons.net William

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Waheed Mikle

    The lecture was most informative. Thank you very much.

    • http://www.OnlineChessLessons.net William

      thanks for taking the time to check out our site and comment!

  • Wim Molenkamp

    Thank you Igor,

    You made me enthusiastic for 1…,b6!
    I think I am going to play it myself.

  • Fernando

    This is a quality video, much better than some of the other youtube videos I have seen. I often see questionable moves with good commentary, or good moves that someone doesnt explain well. Thanks for taking the time to share this freely and willingly. Im old and retired so its tough to take lessons finacially, but I do sometimes buy chess merchandise. So i wil look at this site from time to time to see whats available..Fernando

  • Kumara

    Thank you for a very educative programme.

  • http://www.jesusmylord.org Chris

    Excellent lesson. I’ve also watched part 2. I’ve been looking for an aggressive opening and one that may not be well known. I think this will be it. I realize that there is no “wonder” opening and this opening will definitely help me to understand and apply middle game strategy because if you don’t know how to capitalize any advantage you may get in the opening, you will fall apart in the middle/end game. One question I have though is can this opening be used if white opens with d4?

  • Michael Fischer

    I look forward to a video with enthusiasm to see how White would play effectively against this Defense to maintain his initiative and create some weaknesses in Black’s plan or maybe this is already available in another video/series that you could recommend? Thank you for these excellent training courses.

    • http://www.onlinechesslessons.net/ GM Damian Lemos

      Hi! The Owen’s defense is quite interesting although White gets a strong centre from the beginning, I’ll make a video about this and we’ll publish it soon! Take care, GM Lemos